This page lists usage affecting changes on the site.








  • Compared main card now sticky scrolls for easier comparing
  • Minor UI tweaks for navbar and votehelp page


  • New UI
    • Superiors and inferiors are now tabs. One tab can be viewed at a time, but this give a lot space for viewing cards
    • Cards only shrink at 1020px width
    • Hovering over cards shows even bigger picture (400px height) and vote buttons stay under while zooming
    • Few icons
    • Added tab for functionality groups (Referred to as "type variants") on many pages. Lists otherwise identical cards, but different types like Suntail Hawk vs Kitesail Scout. Not to be mixed with functional reprints that share types like Llanowar Elves vs Fyndhorn Elves.


  • Minor UI tweaks and info texts.
  • Add Suggestion -page now automatically checks the validity of selected cards and tells if they are not passing a check for adding


  • Added voting categories to Help Voting page and adjusted which cards are listed there
    • Low on Votes - (Default) The original mode which lists suggestions with a low vote count. Vote to help users and AI make better decisions.
    • Disputed - Lists seemingly controversial upgrade suggestions with mixed upvote/downvote status, so you can help find a balance.
    • External Sources - Lists suggestions other people have gathered on other sites and spreadsheets to help transfer the valid ones here.
  • Added limited support for alternative casting costs (only for user added cards):
    • Cycling - Cycling can be done at instant speed, so cards with Cycling can't be worse than sorcery speed spells. Cycling cards may also be better than some instants.
    • Morph/Megamorph - Morph allows casting the creature for morph cost + 3 colorless, which may be lower than the hardcast cost.
    • Dash - May be lower than the hardcast cost.
    • Bestow - May be lower than the hardcast cost.
    • Awaken - May be lower than the hardcast cost.


  • Fixed automatic suggestions not comparing double digit power/toughness correctly. (A bug introduced in recent framework upgrade)


  • Introducing machine learning to determine some rules text betterness and finding more card suggestions automatically.
    • Suggestions with good upvote status are used as training material. Training finds out the positive and negative effects in rules texts.
    • The positive and negative effects are matched to otherwise similar card pairs to find more suggestions.
      • Each card is first matched to cards with identical or better stats, like manacost, power, cast speed, etc, but different rules text.
      • Each matched card must only have positive effects or effects the original card also has.
      • Each matched card must also have all the positive effects the original card has.
      • If all above conditions are met, the matched cards are added as suggestions to the original card.
    • This feature is still undergoing some improvements and optimizations as such it has some limitations
      • This process is only run occasionally for now due to heavy load it causes.
      • This process cannot yet evaluate variable information in rules texts, like numbers or manacosts.


  • Identical cards (excluding subtypes) share better-worse relations and voting data.
    Ie. voting for Llanowar Elves also votes for Elvish Mystic.
  • Suggestions have less restrictions now. Tribe and label filters should be used to achieve previous functionality.
    • Removed various card type checks: Supertype, type and subtype.
    • Added "speed" check: Checks the better card can be casted at same or faster "speed" than the worse card.
    • Added check for immediate effects: Various permanents may be better than Instants/Sorceries if they have ETB or self sacrifice abilities.
      Ie. Sakura-Tribe Elder vs Rampant Growth.
    • Added functionality group check: Similar cards now belong to same functionality groups and cannot be added as worse or better than a card from the same group.
      • Ie. No more cards with different subtypes only can be added like Suntail Hawk vs Aven Skirmisher.
        Instead such cards will be viewable in another way in the future.
  • API change: /obsoletes endpoint has changed.
    • 'inferior' and 'superior' keys replaced with 'inferiors' and 'superiors' keys.
      Both keys now contain an array of card representations instead of single card representation.
      The arrays contain all functional reprints of the inferior/superior cards.
  • Fixed Unhinged cards with duplicate names not being listed.
  • Automatic suggestions now also search for cards costing more of same mana, but same cmc. (These are marked with a label and can be filtered in UI)
  • Changed Add Suggestion page card links. Card links now point back to Add Suggestion page, except for the topmost Infreior card which takes user back to Browse page.
  • Added support for alternative manacost: Evoke. Ie. Mulldrifter is now better than Divination
  • Added Help Voting tab where visitors can upvote or downvote random suggestions that have a low vote count.


  • Added support for alternative manacost: Overload. Ie. Damn is now better than Wrath of God.


  • Use Scryfall's new card image CDN rather than Gatherer for performance
  • Load card images only when in viewport to save client bandwith
  • Show a placeholder image and animation while loading real card image


  • Support for new split cards that use existing split card face names, like Start//Finish and Start//Fire


  • Added donation button for development and maintenance


  • Added subtype/tribe filters. On browse page, this limits suggestions to the selected tribe. On Deck Upgrade page cards that are not from the tribe also get non-tribe suggestions, but suggestions from the tribe are sorted first. Tribes are updated daily to match Scryfall data.
  • Format selectbox is now searchable.
  • Fixed search results when trying to access non-existant page number on Browse page. You will see the last available page instead.


  • Spoiled cards are now handled correctly and renamed as soon as their real names are revealed. No more duplicates
  • Removed non-playble cards, like 'Experience' where you put your experience counters on.
  • Fixed bug with cards starting with special characters not being treated equally when they used their name in rules text


  • Fixed automatic updates
  • Selectable formats are now also updated daily to match Scryfall card data. This means pioneer and any future formats are now automatically available.


  • API now allows CORS with any domain, so API may be used directly from browsers
  • API requests use short term (60s) client based caching to mitigate frequent requests from browsers


  • Update #2
    • Suggestions for cards can now be sorted by name, newness (default) or upvotes.
      • Note: The main cards are always sorted by newness, unless a search term is present in which case cards are sorted by name
    • Upgrade Deck suggestions are always sorted by upvotes
    • Quick search now finds cards that only have inferiors without typing the exact card name
      • Typing "Lightning B" should now return Lightning Bolt as expected, even if it doesn't have any upgrade suggestions
  • Update #1
    • Support for split and flip cards
    • Existing superior card is no longer pre-selected when adding new suggestions
    • Quick search prioritizes exact card name match over cards with suggestions
    • New programmatically added suggestions will be shown on first Browse page just like suggestions added by users


  • Upgrade Deck -feature no longer suggests cards that are alredy in the deck. E.g. when playing both Murder and Hero's Downfall


  • Card database is now updated daily to match the cards available at Scryfall
  • New programmatic suggestions and functional reprints are added automatically when card database is updated


  • Harshly downvoted cards have a label on them (requires 10 more downvotes than upvotes).
  • Harshly downvoted cards can be hidden from results with Labels Filters on Browse page
  • UI rework for Browse page
    • For smaller screens cards may scaled a bit smaller. Put cursor over them to enlarge.
    • Inferior/Superior panels can now be hidden, so you can see more cards for the side you want to see
    • Inferior/Superior panels become exclusive if screen width is less than 1070px
  • Fixed obsoletes API not showing functional reprint IDs for inferior cards
  • Fixed labels not being generated programmatic additions


  • Added new cards to database (some M20 spoilers).
  • Added Scryfall links for cards
  • Use Scryfall images for cards without multiverse id (instead of Gatherer)
  • Re-added non-legal cards (Unhinged, etc)
  • Functional reprints API now uses "@@@" in place of the cards name in rules text
  • Reset functional reprints IDs in the API. The IDs will NOT be reset again in the future
  • Added 1 new functional reprint family (now totaling 148) and 3 individual cards to new/existing families (now totaling 306)
  • Added 8 new strictly-better suggestions programmatically
  • Fixed a scroll issue with small screens when selecting a format or labels to filter on Browse page


  • Back/Forward navigation works more intuitively on Browse page. Remembers scroll positions and records format/label filter changes to page history.
  • Scroll to top when clicking navigation elements in Browse page (only if top pagination menu is not visible)


  • Major UI rework
    • Changed card listing layout
    • Inferior cards are listed aswell on Browse -page
    • Functional reprints are listed for searched cards
    • Clicking a card on Browse page or using the searchbox on navbar displays the card Browse page instead of going to Add Suggestion page
    • Inferior and superior suggestions can be added via Browse page cards with big "+" sign on them
    • Added labels for suggestions indicating "issues" with their worse-better relation if any
    • If no suggestions are found for a card name searched on Browse -page, the card database is searched instead
    • When worse card is selected on Add Suggetion -page, current superiors are shown, so people know if a suggestion alredy exists
    • Mobile-friendly UI
    • Added autocomplete for quicksearch
    • Adjusted search timers to prevent excessive calls when typing to search inputs, potentially also increasing response speed
  • Suggestions adding rules changed
    • Color is no longer checked
    • If better and worse cards have subtypes/tribes, they must have atleast 1 in common
    • Better card may not use manacolors in manacost not present in worse card, hybrid mana is an exception
    • Better card may cost more mana of a color, but must still have less or equal CMC. A label is added to better cards that cost more colored mana.
    • Better/Worse creature may also have other types. The difference is indicated with a label
  • Removed non-playable cards like tokens, schemes, emblems, etc
  • Removed cards not legal in any format
  • Added suggestion labels to API
  • Added some suggestions programmatically (only works for cards with identical rules texts)


  • Added About and Changelog pages
  • Changed API formats to save bandwidth (the info is available from other sites). Function reprints API uses the same paging format.
  • If commander format is selected when ugrading deck, the suggestions must follow the color identity of the cards in the deck
  • To speed up Browse -page initial load time, images are only fetched after everything else is ready
  • Voting no longer refreshes the page, but is done in the background instead


  • Improved functional reprint detection to also detect cards that use their own name in rules text. This pushes functional reprint families from 102 -> 147 and individual cards from 202 -> 306
  • Added support for formats. When a format is selected, only upgrades available in that format will be shown. The card to upgrade from may still be from any from format.


  • Did some background work for functional reprints (Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic...) They are now available via API, but not yet present in UI.
  • Added and fixed issues with color restrictions. The better card must not have colors the worse card doesn't have. (This means the better card may have less colors)
  • Suggested better card must not be a functional reprint of the worse card.
  • Fixed clipping issue with vote buttons.
  • Removed existing suggestions that don't fall under new addition rules.
  • If a suggested worse/better card has functional reprints, all reprints are automatically suggested as well.


  • Initial release